How do you decorate a Medieval Renaissance period property in southern France?

I began to get seriously excited by the obvious talent which Dan & Francesco were sharing with me long distance. While my “eye” for irresistible homes abroad is pretty finely tuned, I’m the first to admit that adding “eye candy” to my fractionals is best done by visionaries like D & F.
For example in an emailed dated February 26th –
“As we discussed the other night (and I believe agreed) our idea is to try to create an authentic French country interior that conveys feelings of warmth and coziness without the idea that a ‘pro’ decorator has just come and gone.
Just for your interest, we both ‘saw’ the use of some bright yellow and red fabrics and paint to accent the stone work in the living room, while the master bedroom seemed to ‘want’ a more subtle scheme of pale blue and gold. For the upstairs garden bedroom- our ‘oiseaux’ scheme in blue & white toile de jouy.

We are aware that items in the house must be hardy enough to withstand wear & tear, be easy to rapidly clean, and adapt to multiple users. (Good solid pieces are ‘in’, rickety and wobbly old antiques are ‘out’!)

We wish to be sensitive to the medieval/renaissance fabric of the house itself and let the plethora of wonderful architectural details shine in their own right where they can.

In that regard, we are suggesting selling off much of the current furnishings (recouping some money from them to use for replacements). We will also adapt and use whatever items in the current inventory we deem useful. We will be providing an exact list of both categories – sell or save – in a future email.”

Next:   In order to proceed with decor, some structural work will first have to be planned.