Owning part of a home in the Languedoc wine region

So what’s it like to own part of a home in the Languedoc wine producing region? Picture some of your finest wines and similar descriptions come into play: history, depth, complexity, uniqueness of character. How sweet it is….



When our family spent a year in the south of France in 2002-03, we were enthralled with the slow pace of life, the fresh market produce, and life along the Canal du Midi where families showed up to stroll on a daily basis, typically starting around four o’clock in the afternoon. It wasn’t hard to visualize ourselves slipping into this lifestyle.

A drawback for us was that many French houses didn’t “sing” to us. I realize that sounds far-fetched but it’s true. They were often scrunched between other village dwellings and felt long and narrow with no sense of flow. Or they had run down facades and were situated on a busy thoroughfare. Or quite simply, were too expensive for our second- home- in- France needs…

Enter La Placette in Montouliers, France. Montouliers means Mount of Olives in the old Occitan language. She appealed to our senses in 391a BIG way. In this quintessential “hilltop-type”village with cobblestone streets, the village homes spoke of love and care, often with flower boxes lining their walkways. Best of all, our treasure had all the charm one could ever desire. It even met our budget guidelines!

Perhaps it will meet yours as well: A 1/6th lifetime ownership share offering two full months each year is only $59900.

Video: La Placette, a Pied a Terre in the Languedoc Wine Region


Food and wine play an integral role in enchanting those of us who call France our second home. Like the weather in England, food is the subject that often figures in conversations we have with the locals. The day after inviting Mme Carine, our son’s second grade French teacher for our first cassoulet meal, we were not surprised to learn that our local butcher had already heard glowing remarks about it. Were we ever pleased!

In an especially insightful article called Revelation in Roussillon (France Today Magazine) two descriptions made me smile and say to myself- “Only in France!”630

Mas Amiel
Owned by the church until the Bishop of Perpignan lost it in a card game in 1816, this historic Maury domain is best known for its vin doux naturel but also produces very palatable table wines.

Le Clos des Fées-
Wonderful old vines-some up to 100 years old-produce wines of immense depth and complexity. Try the Vieilles Vignes.


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