November 11, 2015


Don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our many happy customers have to say about enjoying the wonderful fractional property lifestyle!

‘Hello everyone and I am bcc’ing this to close friends and family too in NZ who want to know all about Le Muguet at Vers, Pont du Gard, en Provence!  Run as a fractionalizsed timeshare situation…

This is just a note to tell you about our amazing arrival in this enchanting little town at lunchtime today Saturday 25 June.  We keep feeling we are in a lovely French movie-  tiny lanes and winding roads, trees and flowers, sandstone terraces and ancient buildings and surprising little courtyards.  Add to this the polite and friendly people…

We came via TER train from Montpellier (09:09) to Avignon.   There, following the instructions to turn right at the station exit past the Ibis hotel, we nearly missed the big dark and gloomy large bus station.  We found we had a bus at 11:40 and paid the princely sum of 3 euros for two, for our 3/4 hr bus ride.  We are too nervous to hire a car and as I speak fluent French, going by public transport is no problem.  People are always happy to help if we get lost, we’ve found.

Then we were left at the large bus shelter (gulp) with instructions to walk uphill about 800m, which we did with a backpack each and Peter hauling the heavy one and me my nice new $50 four-wheeler cabin bag.  People on the way guided us to the top, it was just ten minutes or so, where we found the Tabac closed of course as it was 12:30, opening 2 pm.

Lunch called!   We ate outside on the little terrace at the bar/restaurant right by the church in Vers.  We had beer, white wine in a little pichet which was in a cute plastic ice-filled bag thingie, and the plat du jour which was roast veal with olives and potatoes. and a carrot creation.. jus etc.  I had to have the apricot meringue pie homemade by our hostess-(24 euros for 2 substantial plats du jour, 2 beers, a pichet (small carafe) of wine, dessert for one). Well we were chatting about the 500 year old olive tree in the courtyard in front of us and Jean-Marc by way of being a local who spends every Saturday after the Uzes market, propping up this bar/pool room/cafe.  Good fun, our new best friend he told us of his years in the foreign legion Peter’s French became rapidly better.  At 2 we got the keys from the Tabac and our NBF took us there as we didn’t know the address!

The Mistral is gently blowing, it is 30 degrees, and we entered this cool and medieval wonderland of a home.  It is large, airy, with windows on all sides, quaint, well furnished and elegant.  Four stories! We love it!!  We from NZ aren’t used to stairs let alone the stone circular turret kind with thick silk rope on the side to hold on to, and we were enchanted by the gracious living areas, the two bedrooms, two bathroom (one enormous) full kitchen layout.  I feel Peter should be in doublet and hose and I in a pointy hat and long pointy sleeves!  Big comfy sofa and lots of places to sit…

The terrace on the top of the house is sunny and private with a view over the trees and above the town, seems like the perfect place with the barbeque and big table for an all-day lunch.

But all we did was watch a wedding in the town with entire families attending including tiny boys and girls in adult dress up clothes, go into the back of the exquisite old painted church because we were allowed to, listen to the joyous peals of church bells (hope they won’t wake us up at dawn but never mind!!) and go back to the bar at 5 for coffee (me after wine at lunch) and beer (him) and lots more chat with the locals.  Jean Marc was still there and shouted us and we then shouted him!

So it is early evening and I must download some photos, but just to say this is paradise.  Old world mixed with new in the best possible way – even worked out how to connect to the net by simply pushing the go button on the modem/router thingie.

The decor is Vogue Living and exquisite and we have so much room, so many windows and views and yet when it’s all closed it’s quiet and calm.  The kitchen is full of useful staples and just like a real home. The shop was closed (being Sat afternoon) so we will go tomorrow morning when it’s open again.  However the artisan baker opened at 4:30 so we snaffled bread which she sliced, and 3 big fat pastries.

This house is amazing – calm and golden in the sun, waking up we noticed no church bells till 0700!  Murmurs of French voices from every little and big window – you have such a choice of windows to open in every direction to control the breezes coming in.  Lovely polished stone floors in honey colors, yet the spiral staircase is made of less slippery material, stone again honey-colored

The shower was great this morning, huge bath if one was inclined.  And it is a beautiful toilet all surrounded by blue and white gleaming tiles.  Villeroy and Boche bath no less, and a chandelier in the bathroom, large toile de jouy shower curtains.

And we noticed we can come in to the house from another door which looks like a big window off the little lane straight to the kitchen instead of the other more important entrance via the south-facing fenced little terrace needing two keys.

We plan to invade Avignon by bus in the next few days.  The timetable is here at the desk where I sit overlooking the living area.  Peter is up on the top terrace 3 floors up in the sun which he loves.  A good night’s sleep on a nice firm bed with good linen. Exquisite!’

Gail and Peter