October 26, 2015

Charming village property on Tuscany/Umbria border

For sale: 1/6th share- $67900

Location: near Orvieto (midway between Florence and Rome)

Ownership time each year: two months


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Umbria poppies in May


Highlights about this property:

  • Cobblestone pedestrian walkways in historic Monteleleone d’Orvieto
  • Charmingly decorated and updated throughout, comfortable sleeps 7-10
  • Easy access from Rome or Florence (1 1/4 hours), 10 minutes from Citta della Pieve
  • Explore Assisi, Todi, Orvieto, Spoletto
  • 10 km from Fabro with easy rail access throughout Italy.




Monteleone d’Orvieto:

Perched in a picturesque medieval town near Orvieto, Casa Leone our Italian fractional ownership property,  is a delightfully furnished home and quite large at 185 square meters. It will comfortably sleep between 7-10.   For a village home it is unusually bright and airy with light streaming in from both sides of the house.









Monteleone di Orvieto is a medieval hamlet stretched out along a ridge above the Ripignolo River. The old town was established in 900 A.D. as a garrison during the papal wars (which is why it is enclosed in high stone walls). It was the last protection for Orvieto.

As you stroll around the old town passing residents they offer a smile and a “buongiorno” every time.





















A short walk to the belvedere at the edge of town offered magnificent 180-degree views of surrounding rolling hillsides and valleys. Leaving through the porta (archway) of the old village, walk just a few blocks to enjoy a scrumptious panini.








About this property:
• Ground floor- taverna/guest room, wine cellar and storage
• First floor- living room, kitchen, and balcony
• Second floor- Study, 2 bedrooms/2 bath
• Attic- bonus sleeping area









Main Salon (1)


At 41 Via Vittorio Emanuelle, you live on a quiet pedestrian street with nearby a nearby convenience store, cafe, bank, and butcher.When you walk up one flight of stairs, a double sitting room with adjoining balcony is found to one side with an elegant dining room and completely equipped kitchen to the other side.





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We definitely enjoy the chatter of Italian voices below our balcony.

fractional ownership property Umbria



 Things to Do:

We have lots of information at Casa Leone and you are welcome to peruse through the travel books etc. and use them if you like (in the lower cabinet in the dining room, just before entering the kitchen.

Citta del Pieve







There is a tourist information center in Citta delle Pieve, just across from Jolly Café. They don’t speak English but if you just ask for “informazione” they will give you some brochures. They have a book there for each year entitled “Intorno al Trasimeno” which has a listing of all of the “goings on” in the area.









Sagras are good fun!

If you see a sign for a “Sagra” in any city nearby, that is always fun. Each town has their “specialty” which is usually some sort of pasta and you can go in the evening and have a nice meal for a decent price with the “village people” and there is usually music and maybe even dancing later in the evening.

If you are going to Orvieto (a must see), go a bit further south to Civita di Bagnoregio. You reach a lovely old medieval town by a bridge (pedestrian only).

Don’t miss the Italian palio










If you would like to see an Italian “palio” there is the famous one in Siena in August (and one in early July as well) and there is a wonderful one here in Monteleone in August (evening parade with the locals in medieval costume, etc.)


Café Seven down the street is very nice during the day for coffee or a glass of wine in the evening. Try “Aperol Spritz” for a lovely refreshing light afternoon apperetif. They also have very nice lunches. They have some sandwiches and will serve different dishes/salads on certain days. Ask what they have that day. Neighborhood place. Young people, families . . . fun to watch the elderly town gents playing cards in the evening. Their “Seven” wine is very good. Michele and Andrea are the two sons of the family who own it and are usually there. Both are very nice. Michele’s English is better than Andrea’s! Tell him that “Ginny says “ciao! ”

Across the street from Café Seven (down the street from us on the left) is La Tana del Gufo (opens about 7ish; closed Tuesdays). Lovely wine bar and restaurant/pizzeria. Wonderful meat dishes and terrific pizza (open brick oven). They do take out for the pizzas. They have just instituted a policy (for economic reasons) that if you would like any of the steak dishes (tagliate), just pop in the day before and let them know you will be coming for dinner and how many steaks you would like.
Down the hill, almost to Fabro after you pass a sign that says “ “, on the left is a restaurant by the Il Vechhio Frantoio (English menu). Very nice family run, local restaurant. Closed Wed night. Try the roast pork (secondi) and they have a primi (pasta) with porcini mushrooms that is terrific!










Citta della Pieve

Stefanini Café (very good gelato and wonderful specialty cookies). On Piazza Plebiscito.



Across from the tourist information office is Jolly Café/Bar Pippo. They have free wifi there. I’ve never been but apparently they have beer and free tapas in the evening! Closed Monday all day and Tues. morning.

Just past Jolly Café, on your right is a terrific little pizza place (closed Monday) that serves pizza by the slice. Very inexpensive for a slice and a drink!


Walk further down and you are in the main piazza, Piazza Plebiscito.
Keep going and you come to Stefanini on the your right. VERY GOOD GELATO!!! And they sell wonderful specialy cookies (see them in the window).
If you speak Italian, you may want to try a family Trattoria in Citta della Pieve. Serenella (for lunch or dinner) at 28 Via Fiorenzuola. Closed Wed. If you are at Café Jolly, just walk towards the main piazza and Fiorenzuola is on your right (I think the first little street). Turn right down there and it’s just on your right. Be warned . . . they have a little menu on the wall near the cashier of dishes but they usually have a set menu (usually 20 euros) and nonna (I’m sure she’s SOMEBODY’S grandmother!) rattles off the piatti courses quickly. She will not take the time to help you translate so be prepared!
Hotel Vannuci – dinner. Haven’t tried it yet but looks nice. 12:30 – 2:30 and then 7:30 – 10:30.










On the main square on the far side is Da Nilo. Excellent!!! And their menu is in Italian and English. Sit “fuori” outside on the square or on their terrace. Wonderful food. A little more pricey but a very nice evening meal (or lunch!).


A few minutes away in Montegabbione is Il Peperoncino (dinner only, closed Wed). A nice neighborhood restaurant. Take the second exit from our roundabout and follow the signs for Montegabbione. When you get to the town, don’t go into the “centro” but keep going around it to the right (with the town on your left). You’ll come right to it on the left.
Pienza (lovely town to walk through)

Have lunch with a gorgeous view at the Relais II, Chiostro di Pienza hotel. Good food, good service . . . not too many tables, get there early. Mid-price range.