October 26, 2015

Historic townhouse- Uzes

For Outright Sale: 329,900 euros

Location: 6 Rue St. Etienne (1 block from Place aux Herbes)


About Uzes

Fractional Ownership Uzes Provence

Uzès is an exceptionally beautiful city in Provence, thanks to its city center, one of the first in the 1960’s to be classified by Andre Malraux as a “secteur sauvegardé” or protected historical site. Funding then poured into its restoration and the center of town has a wonderful mix of medieval stone houses and later townhouses. Outside of summer months, the population hovers around 8500.




A Bit of History


Uzès, located at the source of the Eure River, was settled in the first century BC by the Romans as an administrative site for a Roman aqueduct which supplied water to Nimes, a good 25 kilometers away.

Pont du Gard

The most famous stretch of the aqueduct that survives to this day is the Pont du Gard, a huge bridge spanning the Gardon river. It is the tallest existing Roman aqueduct and a UNESCO heritage site, as well as popular tourist attraction.

 St Etienne d’Uzes: An Urban Fractional in Provence


St. Etienne salon


Property Highlights:

* Historic 16th century townhouse near la Place aux Herbes

Uzes- Place aux Herbes








* Outdoor rooftop terrace for your dining pleasure. Drip watering system, awning.
* Old world charm with every modern amenity!
* Lively town of Uzes- close to the Mediterranean beaches, Pont du Gard, Provence markets, and year round cultural activities of Avignon, Nimes, Aix, and Marseille
* From four to twelve weeks of consecutive time per year a major fractional ownership advantage.


#6 Rue St. Etienne near la Place aux Herbes


2014-03-31 20.47.55 - Copy

You walk right past the Church of St Etienne  before arriving at your vacation home.


Kitchen gargoyle at #6 Rue St. Etienne
2014-03-31 20.50.49

A clever dumb waiter will bring food & drink to the terrace.




* Internet and cable with free international phone calls connected.
*St Etienne is a two story 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom historic center home
* Restored and remodeled with love and attention to period details

* Original stone walls and timbered ceilings


* Terrace with dumb waiter enjoy evening meals or cocktails
* Kitchen fully equipped with stovetop, microwave, large fridge, dishware to entertain, loads of extras. Come see the gargoyle which was uncovered in the kitchen walls!



* Master bedroom with sunken tub and heated towel racks



* Furnished with a combination of French antiques, chandeliers, firm beds and many decorative items.


* Charming guest bedroom with adjoining rooftop terrace




* Acclaimed city of Uzes and close to Pont du Gard near World Heritage Site
* Year round attractions in Provence, Avignon, Uzes and Marseille
* Remarkably vibrant city to to enjoy this region’s 325 days of sunshine
* Low annual maintenance dues
* Flexible booking of owner times- join us now for our high season.




* Dedicated indoor parking in nearby garage.

*Easy access to flights from Avignon or from Montpellier. Connections via London right into Avignon or Nimes (30 minutes)

* Spend the day in Paris via 3 hour TGV ride
* The Annual Truffle Market
* Spring Garden Show
* The Medieval Garden
Things to Do near Uzes


Travel Options



Fly into London- take Ryanair to Nimes
Fly into Paris and take TGV directly to Avignon or to Nimes. For those driving from Nimes to Uzès, the quickest and most direct route is via the E52. For those in no particular hurry, taking the more scenic B21 affords some impressive views of the surrounding countryside.
France is known for its excellent public transportation.

Buses from Nimes

edgard bus provence

The bus journey from Nimes takes 20 minutes, and from Avignon about half an hour (the latter does not run on weekends and bank holidays). Buses leaves from outside the back entrance to the Nimes station and drops passengers at the “Esplanade”, which is the final stop at the heart of Uzès. You will find the timetable for bus route HERE.

Buses from Avignon

These leave from the Gare Routière, which is a three minute walk from the Avignon Gare SNCF train station, just by the city walls. If you arrive at the Avignon Gare TGV station you need to take the shuttle to the Gare SNCF first.

The Pleasures of Provencal Living

The local grape harvest

local harvest

Visits to nearby villages








Enjoy Provencal FLEA markets

Brocantes market







Is a shared home in France right for you?

I realize that it is a BIG decision to shift your financial resources from a known entity (a CD, savings account, or bond) into the “bricks and mortar” of a property thousands of miles away. Here is what one first time visitor had to say:

“Uzès is certainly one of the more elegant, affluent, and well presented towns in the Gard region, with many fine boutiques and restaurants – such as Les Terroirs, which is a sophisticated restaurant on the corner of the square with a strong focus on authentic, organic local produce, quite a delight.

Uzes Place aux Herbes


On Wednesday, from 7.30am to 1pm, the market is strictly organic produce, while on Saturday morning, same hours, it is a larger general market.

One client said:

“We liked Uzès so much that we extended our stay at the Maison de la Bourgade and used it as our base for several days of sightseeing in the region. Although it rained from time to time while we were there, we still enjoyed walking the town, exploring the Duchy castle and churches, shopping in the many shops, good dining – and of course the Wednesday market in the Place aux Herbes. We can see that it is a vibrant, liveable and charming locale even during the off-season.”