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‘I bought my first property in France in October 1998, a lovely old Dordogne farmhouse, surrounded by fields of sunflowers and vineyards. I vividly remember the elation I felt when breaking the news to family and friends in Oregon. “You’re not going to believe what we’ve done! Take a look at our video…”


la Bruyere 003 300px

About four months later, a harsher reality struck when we arrived on a cold February day to find three pieces of furniture in the house: a musty old couch, one card table and a set of chairs. Since then, I’ve been responsible for 13 more remodelling and decorating projects in the south of France, Umbria and the Cotswolds.

I’ve learned some lessons – some the hard way and some from talented fellow decorators. Redesigning the property I bought near Uzès in Gard was a special challenge. As crazy as it sounds, the property ‘spoke’ to me, almost crying out for help. I just had to have a go at turning it around in order to make it ‘sing’. Theory and practice What particular talents could you bring to the makeover? In my case, my two greatest assets have been following my intuition and thinking outside the box.

Le Muguet fractional ownership near Uzes


When I bought and refurbished this lovely landmark property, called Le Muguet (‘Lily of the Valley’) and not far from the Pont du Gard, I secured the services of two fabulous decorators from Italy, Dan Blagg and Francesco Bianchini, and paid for them to come to France and weave their magic. Before I do anything, I ‘listen’ to my new property.

Patience is a virtue and often solutions come when you least expect them. I learned this by observing Dan and Francesco. Next, it’s time to summarise your thoughts into words. This doesn’t have to be detailed or exact, but it does have to be in writing. Mine looked something like this: Gorgeous medieval historic landmark needs high-level decorator with ‘wow’ factor for several major decorating challenges.

Le Muguet salon good

Three-month time frame in order to market fractional shares, €10,000 budget using professional services. Although the remodel was not completed on time or within budget, the finished Le Muguet did meet and exceed our expectations.’

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