What are some of your favorite travel books?

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As often happens as I travel from one International Property Share home to another, I discover favorite travel books left behind by our owners. Expat, Women’s Tales of Life Abroad, caught my eye. The life of an expat has intrigued me ever since I spent a year during my university studies in Paris.

Those of us smitten by “wanderlust” seem to be driven by a mixture of curiosity, the exhilaration of discovery and definitely by independence. Certainly this lifestyle is sometimes accompanied by loneliness and homesickness as well. I picked up this book to learn if these feelings were universal or not.


In Expat, twenty-two women share their experiences in almost as many countries, zeroing in on the essence of what it is to be an expat, whether you are living permanently abroad or only for a few months. If you have lived overseas as I have, these stories will certainly touch off memories of your own. “Remember when we… tried to create an American Thanksgiving in France with a six pound partially plucked turkey?” “Or the time we thought our meager Italian would be enough for us to get directions to an internet café?”

This got me thinking about books on my own bookcase, three of them now movies that tantalize us with the expat experience. Here are just a few:

Under the Tuscan Sun
by Frances Mayes


Eat, Pray Love
by Elizabeth Gilbert

A Year in Provence
by Peter Mayle

Living and Working in France
by David Hampshire

My Life in France
by Julia Child


A Moveable Feast
By Ernest Hemingway


Two I haven’t read yet are:


Moon Living Abroad in France
by Aurelia d’Andrea

Travel books France Italy

Moon Living Abroad in Italy
by John Moretti


What are some of your favorite reads?