Finding your dream holiday home in the Cotswolds

Finding the Twizzle: your dream holiday home in the Cotswolds, England
Tetbury Market House
Imagine for a moment that you are me (Ginny Blackwell) spending a couple of weeks in the Cotswolds on the hunt for a property share which makes your heart sing.
You are already charmed by the local language as it’s spoken here, a quaint version of English including expressions like “you’re cheeky aren’t you?”, “Bye love”, “Cheers”, and ” We had a good chin wag!”
You love seeing so many adult children out walking with elderly parents, heading into the cosy local pub for a nice steak and kidney pie, washed down with a satisfying pint of locally brewed real ale.You can’t resist having a good old rummage among some of the fabulous antique shops found here.You’re even getting the hang of going around the traffic circle the wrong way.
Chipping Steps Tetbury
You saunter your way down the medieval Chipping Steps, past St Mary’s Church, a Gothic architectural gem which has one of Britain’s tallest church spires and the 17th century Market House, once the centre for England’s thriving wool industry. These are just a couple of the town’s many listed buildings that conjure up a strong sense of history well preserved for us all to enjoy today. No wonder that Tetbury won the award for Best Market Town in Gloucestershire recently!
St Marys Church Tetbury
It all knits together at the Twizzle
But finding that elusive property, that remains a problem. Until just a few days before departure, that is, when the plan we have woven all knits together perfectly. And then you really can’t believe your luck, as you somehow manage to find not only one perfect 3 bedroom, 2 bathroomed, renovated, historic property, filled with natural light (details for The Clock Works will follow here soon) but another cozy one bedroom, sorta kinda almost irresistible…with some love, faith and whimsy thrown into the mix, it’s just perfect.
Welcome to The TWIZZLE.  Take a look at what this wonderful English property offers.
You see that’s just what we do here at International Property Shares – we do all the legwork to find you great, affordable shared properties in many of Europe’s most charming towns and villages.
Now that I’ve hopefully whetted your appetite a little, are you planning to come and explore Tetbury for yourself? Check out the market town’s heritage and download a copy of the Tetbury Town Trail and Walking Guide from the Tourist Information website.
How about you, what do you love the best about these English market towns?