Doors of Umbria

The Doors of Umbria

In Monteleone d’Orvieto, we live next door to a palazzo with ‘una porta fabulosa’ – or a fabulous door, for those of you whose Italiano needs a brush up!

As our neighbors exited the palazzo, I took a curious peek inside, viewing an open and elegant stairway leading up to 3 stories of 17th century grandeur. When our friends come to visit and ask where to park their cars, we point to the stone Porta of our old-town, a 14th century arched doorway with about a dozen convenient parking spots most times of the year.

The truth is, I’m enthralled by the doors of Umbria.  Such a variety of sizes, ancient patinas, styles, colors, conditions and of course, stories. They speak of a past in which everything was made with love and passion, each piece uniquely and manually made, a tradition which of course carries on to this day in Umbria and other parts of Italy.

Creating each door must have been a time-consuming and complicated affair, a true labour of love – from choosing the right kind of wood, to joining the planks, and dovetailing joints – all traditions of master Italian carpenters of the past.

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What about you, where’s your favourite door and who or what do you imagine is waiting inside for you?

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