October 23, 2015

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About Ginny:
Ginny Blackwell

I’ve had a love affair with travelling ever since I flew the coop at age 20 and spent a year in Paris studying at the Sorbonne. Over the course of the next ten years we managed to hike, bike or travel through Europe, Canada, Latin America and our beautiful USA. In 1981, I finished a Masters in International Business from AGSIM in Phoenix, Arizona.

The things I love about France, my first home away from home, are numerous, but high on my list is the manner of living slowly. It’s more about relationships than about than getting the job done. I love the poppies in May, the 2CV citroens, the way the French language connects me deeply to its history and people.

When I’m not at one of my home shares in the Dordogne or the Languedoc/Provence, I enjoy living in the lush greenery of the Umbria, Italy where our hilltop villa is located, Casa Leone. Summers you’ll often find me back in Oregon, connecting with family.