It all began in Todi, Italy

Todi palazzo Italy

It all began in Todi, Italy this past December. My friend and I were shopping for a new fractional ownership property in Italy and coming up seriously short-handed. As we sat in a marvelous enoteka (a petite wine-tasting bar/bistro) in Todi, Umbria, the owner Christina joined us for a spell.

Our talk turned to finding a “to die for” affordable place to buy and Christina thought for a minute and said “Signore Bianchini, my landlord, might know of a place.”

Todi barHalf an hour later, a slender debonair Italian arrived and greeted us in French (thank goodness as my Italian is pitiful). “Well, yes, I might have a place to sell (the apartment upstairs ) but I’m not really sure I want to part with it. Why don’t you take a look at my son Francesco’s place? It is a bit more expensive but they are really dying to sell it.” Well aware that this “bit more expensive” was about 50% more than we could afford, nonetheless, we couldn’t resist this adventure.

Suffice to say that we were BLOWN AWAY by how stunning Palazzo Berti-Marini is! See for yourself on our French Property Shares website and look for Todi, Italy, in the bottom row of images in the gallery there.

Our pursuit of a higher-end quarter share fractional in Todi is now well under way with 2 parties heading there to view her.

IMG_1384Now, on to the fun part – my eyes fairly popping out of their sockets at the richness of the decor at Dan and Francesco’s 240m2 Palazzo, I learned that when they did sell, their plans were to buy a place in Paris. It turns out that Francesco’s roots are French/Italian and he teaches French at the University in Todi.

Meanwhile, my wheels are turning and I casually mention the following- “Would either of you be interested in living in my new home near Uzes in order to help with the remodeling and decor?” Dan immediately and enthusiastically indicated “yes” with Francesco seconding their interest in this idea.

Do you see how serendipitous this circle of life can be?

Tomorrow – Arcadio (fearless feline ),Dan and Francesco visit le Muguet

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