Arcadio, Dan and Francesco visit le Muguet

Safely home following my December Todi trip, the emails (and Skype calls) between NY and Italy began. Yes! Dan and Francesco were willing and able to take charge of the remodel/decor work at le Muguet. As I began to outline what might need to be done, an associated budget and time frame, my ideas and photos were shared with them.

“Hi Ginny- we are getting a good image of the place and I think you are “spot on” about moving the washer and opening up the kitchen wall. Most of the furnishings are fairly dingy to be sure! But the spaces are great and I think F&I can indeed, work some magic with basic paintings here and there. We remain excited about the project.”

So, Dan, Francesco and Arcadia made plans to do an initial visit on February 19th, driving two long six- hour days, from Todi to Vers and back. Once there, they would take stock, make a list of priorities, and go hunting for bargains. In the meantime, my work began to try to find a local mason and carpenter for the proposed structural changes.

Arcadio_watching_petanque!2/24 After trip to le Muguet-
“We just got back in Todi a few hours ago – safe trip, nice weather, cat loved it too… We are brimming with ideas. Made a good floor plan with exact measurements, inventory of what’s there (items to be kept
and those we suspect are better off sold), and we had time to revisit some of our antique & outlets in the area to check on what’s available.

I plan to spend the day organizing my thoughts to make a step by step plan as best I can. It is a lovely property and lovely village too. We have a few ideas to bounce off you – soon, soon.”

Stay tuned for: “Our idea is to try and create an authentic French country interior that conveys feelings of warmth and cosiness without the idea that a ‘pro’ decorator has just come and gone”…