October 23, 2015

About IPS

 About International Property Shares

Farmhouse for sale in Dordogne

We bought our first house in France in September 1998, a “to-die-for”, romantic, centuries-old farmhouse on the Lot/Dordogne border. All of the magic of France, the glory of its rolling countryside, the streaming sunlight which filled our country kitchen at “La Bruyere” came to fruition because we followed our intuitions and allowed the wind to fill out our sails.

But was not without a plan and a good deal of old-fashioned elbow grease. When we arrived back in Portland, la Bruyere 008Oregon, a video our Dordogne house in hand, we set about convincing like-minded friends and Francophiles that it would be a marvelous plan to cooperatively own the house, each have 6 weeks of use, and to share the on-going expenses.

Although I didn’t realize it, International Property Shares was the a pioneer in using a limited liability company to purchase real estate in France and then to sell deeded lifetime shares to owners from around the world.

Ginny Blackwell


My Vision

My vision has remained the same; to offer affordable elegant second homes to enjoy each and every year (with none of the year-round headaches and expenses of rentals and management). Today, nearly two decades later, IPS owners have developed life long friendships with owners from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, England, France, Denmark and the USA.


Enjoy both France and Italy

Monteleone d'Orvieto

This spring I’ll spend the month of April in Provence and then head for our fractional ownership property on the Tuscany/Umbria border, not far from Orvieto. It’s time to dust off my rusty Italian and ready myself for the excellent Montefalco wine in our region.  Mmm…a long lazy dinner with rustic Umbrian fare, friends, laughter. Can’t wait!  See you there?


Wrights & Ginny


Finding a “place which makes my heart sing” still is a delight to me. This year I’m getting the travel bug and my horizons are expanding from village properties to more luxurious chateaux. (think Loire Valley/an hour from Paris)   What’s more fantastic is that with each new ownership property, International Property Share owners will now be able to trade time between the various properties in Europe.

What do we do?

My job is to find the ideal property at an affordable price, handle the multiple requirements for foreign ownership, and provide you with a turn-key property to use and to enjoy.

Alsace 024Our dream of living the expat lifestyle in Europe was what led me to explore sharing holiday homes or fractional  ownership, with other owners who have the travel bug, who enjoy living like a local and generally immersing themselves in the European expat way of life.

Since finding the “perfect” home abroad is seldom easy, may I offer you a word of advice?   Think very carefully about what your reasons are for living abroad.  Are you primarily “invested” in the joy of the cultural experiences which will yet unfold?

If so and you discover a home which is ideal but…one has to compromise on where to park or walking up one extra flight of stairs to reach the rooftop terrace. Do not hesitate. The chances that all of your boxes will be “ticked” is fairly slim. This will be more than offset when your French neighbor’s welcome you to a game of boules the next time you arrive at your home.  When you do discover a great home,  jump at it! It is a leap of faith which is sure to delight and enrich you.