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Why you should get a fractional ownership share
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Live like a local in Provence & Umbria

Picture yourself enjoying a lovely, big glass of wine on your own terrace, listening to the birdsong of an evening… With a pied a terre in France or Italy, no rushing from hotel to hotel. You’ll have plenty of time to explore village and city life.

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Property Shares for Sale

Affordable. Elegant. Irresistable properties. They come fully furnished with gorgeous antique furniture and hand-chosen object d’arts.

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What is fractional ownership?

We’ve carefully handpicked our properties in adorable local towns and rustic villages so that they give you a perfect balance of many wonderful attractions to explore and all the local amenities you could wish for.


Is property sharing right for me?
Things to Consider

The concept of Fractional Ownership is really simple. Instead of purchasing a property outright and dealing with ongoing maintenance or rentals, you can opt to purchase a share (which equals a percentage in the company which own the property). Enjoy lifetime ownership without all the headaches. Since 1998, we've helped buyers from around the globe own affordable and luxurious properties. Unpack, relax, and enjoy! Contact Ginny for complete booking and legal documentation:

  • Relax in your OWN home year after year but without the hassles of renting it out!

  • You will meet and make new friends with like-minded people who appreciate your expat lifestyle.

  • Enjoy really getting to know an area and spend a month immersing yourself in the local culture and language.

  • You've looked into timeshares but had your doubts. Trust us, the fractional way is far better. Since 1998, IPS has been a pioneer in fractional ownership in Europe.

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